Thats another fine mess…

18 09 2016



I’ve just discovered that with a cat in a hat and a mouse in a house I can change the size of the images I use. This is all new to me but also very exciting.
Now, how do I change the spell checker from Icelandic to English. Oh great. Just found it. Annar stafsetningu mistök!



(Picture courtesy of pixabay.)



Perhaps a cat with a wheel would be easier…

17 09 2016


I’ve finally installed my new mouse, and after a bit of coaxing, cheese mostly, the wheel on my mouse seems to be working fine. Although I’m beginning to suspect that I have another mouse lurking in the background somewhere, and its eating all my blogs. For a moment I thought I might have posted something offensive and that all my “Followers” had jumped ship, and then by accident discovered that my “Settings” had changed.

I can now only access other writers blogs via my reader. Except it took a while to access my reader. Anyway I found it. Relief. So delighted to have all the blogs I follow back again as I really enjoy taking an hour or two to read what others have written. Its like opening the window and letting fresh air into the house. Arhhh. Lovely.

All I have to do now is find out why, when I’m posting a comment, certain letters are missing. I proof read my comments, make corrections, press publish, and low and behold, “Horror”, there are various typo’s.

I’ve just noticed on a comment I have posted that I’ve written “Re-Bog” instead of “Re-Blog”. Re- bogging is something we do here in Ireland when we are digging up peat for the winter fires and replenish the bog in time for next years harvest.

I’d also written “My” instead of “May” which may not sound like much, but it did sound rather possessive since ” My Angela …” takes on a totally different meaning than “May Angela…”. Help!

Just checked again to see if I do still have followers, and yes, they haven’t jumped ship yet. There’s still time of course.

I’m just wondering whether a cat with a wheel would be more reliable than a mouse.

I know they are very independent animals but if you stroke them enough they stick with you. And anyway I much prefer purring to shrieking.


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