Wonderful World- Beautiful Wide Web.

15 09 2016


The past few months have been a revelation, and like a giant advent calendar with hundreds of doors to open, I have been popping in and out of people’s lives like there is no tomorrow. I’ve travelled to Finland, Spain, Prague, Iceland and Russia, I’ve learnt how to make real lemonade, melon salad and pizza – I’ve been given inspiration, read about people’s struggles with illness, admired amazing art work, listened to incredible songs, and even tried to learn how to write properly, and with structure. (I definitely need structure).

I’ve also learnt about the consequences and the aftermath of a major fire in Canada, people’s heroic struggles with addiction, their ambitions, the curve balls that life can throw at anyone of us at any time, and how blogger’s have both confronted and conquered their challenges.

I’ve even learnt about the modern dating scene, (On good advice I’m now avoiding Snap Chat), how to apply make up, (LOL), the latest fashion, what’s trending, and drawled over some magnificent pictures of cakes. (My latest pin-up is a Belgian chocolate bun laced with brandy cream).

I do love a cake.. There should be an equivalent to the Oscars annually where beautiful cakes parade down the red carpet … “and the winner is … Strawberry cheesecake.”

And all of this from a chair, by the window, by the river, beyond the trees – without having to travel anywhere except through my imagination. And I don’t need a passport, or a visa, because in this wonderful world there are no borders, age restrictions, race restrictions or any other barriers. All that’s required is curiosity, openness, friendliness and a broadband connection. (Luckily I have all four).

What can I say but thank you for allowing me in.  It’s been amazing, and is amazing.

But unfortunately I have to go now. There’s another door just begging to be opened and I just can’t wait to discover what might be behind it.

All I can say is  “What a wonderful world… what a beautiful big wide web”.






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