A magical mid-summer evening…..

8 09 2016


I hadn’t expected to see cyclists being ordered to dismount their bikes.
Not in a country renowned for its cyclists anyway.
Somehow we had managed to slip through a police cordon, unauthorised access allowing us to mingle with fluorescent jacketed police officers and avant-garde TV crews.

All eyes were on Restaurant Nimb, white façade, fairy lights, a red and white flag rolling in the breeze directly across the road from the main train station. Two helicopters above it suggested that someone famous was about to arrive. Someone whispered ‘The Russian president’.

But the aroma of French hotdogs, mustard, ketchup and fresh chopped onion got the better us, two specimens chased down by the creamiest, coolest chocolate milk.
“Its nearly 7.30.”

We were running late, but still managed to make it to Tivoli’s main entrance on time.
“Is that … no surely not.”

Turkish Pepper clouds drizzled over smudged Neapolitan sky, Pierrot on stage watched over by Tivoli Guardsman.

Hans Christian was alive and well in this leafy part of Copenhagen, as were my memories of it.

Café Groften looked as it did the first time I visited in 1983, a first acquaintance with snaps inducing an overwhelming desire to sleep, much to the amusement of my hosts – and a waiter who thumped a bottle down on the table right in front of me. “Drink this, it’ll sober you up.” I remember it being a bottle of almost frozen Tuborg.

We settled for a more sober dinner this time. Pickled herring on spongy brown rye bread iced with butter, mineral water, a catch up conversation only briefly interrupted by shrieks from nearby visitors enjoying the rides.

The sun faded, a rainbow appeared over the boating lake, a mid summer evening fire lit in the middle of it – a singer, lungs full, standing on the bridge spanning its width and singing three Danish songs. We sipped coffee from Joe and the Juice and lapped up the atmosphere.

Up a few stairs we were inside the night club – jazz, a reedy voice, oozing from its wood sash windows. Inside, a sauna, smoke filled air, a wet bar, a swarm of people and a distinct aroma of fermenting hops.

Fireworks cascading over the roof of the Tivoli concert hall ended our reunion, but not the memories of it. A truly magical mid- summer evening experience.







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