Of Rivers and Butterflies…

5 09 2016


Its summer. Grass rushes towards the sky. Vibrant sunshine filters through blinds to cast stripes on my apartments walls. The River Boyne meanders past, down towards Drogheda. Bikes and skates lay strewn on the road as children choose to pick daises. Inward looking residents discard inhibitions and yield to warmer air and feint hearted breezes. Howling winds, a filled to the brim river now forgotten, hard to remember in these long light days. In the distance smoke rises from a last minute purchased barbecue, its owners aware that it might be redundant tomorrow. Living in the now, dictated by Irish weather, is a well practised philosophy here. But today is the realisation of a long awaited dream: outdoor chats with friends and family, and the chance to breath sweet air. Memories made now will sustain us through next winter, and guide us towards a time when children will become butterflies once again.




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