Crunchy Nuts….

31 08 2016

CerealDriving along this morning listening to “Today FM”. On the programme listeners were revealing embarrassing incidents as requested by the host. Apparently one listener who worked as a shop assistant (Joe) was asked by a customer for “The Sunday Times” newspaper. As it involves inserting a lot of supplements Joe suggested that the customer do some shopping, and by the time he came back the newspaper would be ready for him. Having put the newspaper together with all the supplements Joe was called to the till to serve other customers. Another shop assistant having found the newspaper on the counter called out ‘Who has ordered the Sunday Times?’
Joe looked up, saw the customer clutching a box of cereal and shouted ‘Its the man with the Crunchy Nuts’. It bought the house down when everybody present burst into a hearty fit of laughter. Having burst into fits of laughter my self for the entire journey there and back I thought I’d share this amongst those who weren’t listening to “Today FM” this morning.



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