Mother. (Episode 22)

29 08 2016


Although mother still drives she often orders a taxi for important appointments – doctor’s appointments for example.
Last week mother ordered a taxi for an appointment at 10.30 am. Ready and waiting she was surprised when it hadn’t arrived at 10.15. To double-check that it wasn’t holding on the street she stepped outside.
‘Are you waiting for a taxi? The neighbour to the right had stopped cutting branches for a moment to observe mothers confusion. ‘Yes… must say it’s most unusual it’s not here … they are normally very punctual’.
Having brushed most of the leaves from her hair Mothers neighbour shook a remaining leaf from her head.
‘There was one holding on your driveway a while ago but a woman got in and it drove off’.
Still confused mother ordered another taxi and just made her appointment in time. There in the waiting room sat her neighbour to the left. ‘Aw hallo, fancy meeting you here’. It transpired that her neighbour had come out of her house, saw the taxi on mother’s driveway, jumped in, and the taxi driver, without asking any questions, drove away. ‘Oh dear I am sorry’.
‘That’s alright. These things do happen. Tut’.
Anyway the same neighbour ordered a taxi to take her back home. Halfway through the journey she informed the taxi driver that he was going the wrong way.
Insisting that he knew where he was going the taxi driver continued on their journey, eventually stopping outside a house Mothers neighbour had never seen before. ‘But I don’t live here and this is not my house’.
‘Are you sure?’
Accepting, rather begrudgingly, that she must know where she lived, the huffy taxi driver did a U-turn wheelie and eventually got her home.
‘Does this look familiar?’
‘Very … but I’m not paying you for the extra mileage’.

Later that day I suggested that mother try another taxi company next time. ‘Yes but I’ve done that before and they are just not as reliable’.






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