Useful dating info when in Norway ….

28 08 2016


When I visited USIT in Oslo they handed me some very useful info. But of all of the guides they handed me this bit of advice made me smile.

Entitled : ‘Picking up a Norwegian’. (It read as follows): “Do you get weird responses to your typical European approach? Adjust it! We are an egalitarian society, and proud of it, so its common to split the bill or take turns buying. Don’t be too romantic, it will definitely creep us out. Keeping eye contact for a long time is super intimate for us, so if someone is looking into your eyes for more than five seconds they probably like you. Or more probable they are insane. Or a foreigner. Its everyone’s game, so if you like somebody, take the initiative and say hi. There is no need to boast about your successes or flash your money (if you have any). We like honesty, integrity, self esteem and sporty attitudes. Ask us about being Norwegian and the weird stuff that we do. We love to talk about ourselves.”

I’m still smiling having read this again. It just seems so honest and straight forward. Or is it? Cue violins. Oh no sorry… this is Norway. :0)




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