Mother. (Episode 13)

23 08 2016

If anyone should find a cushion on a seat in a restaurant its probably my mothers. Mother has lost countless cushions over the years. The reason she takes them with her? Most seats are too low in relation to the table and a cushion elevates mother to the height she deems necessary if she is to sit and eat correctly. Well that’s her theory any way. The problem is that when it comes to leaving the restaurant we are so busy gathering up walking sticks, spectacles,bags and umbrella’s mothers cushion is often over looked. Calls back to the eating establishment we have just departed from to find out whether they have found a stray cushion are invariably met with a ‘No… sorry’. Either the waiter has assumed the cushion is an odd tipping custom or else the staff just can’t be bothered to look for them. I suspect the latter. On three separate occasions we have revisited restaurants, one after a three month interval, only to find mothers cushions there where she’d left them, a bit flatter maybe but still there for all and sundry to see. We have toyed with the idea of sticking labels onto the cushions ‘If found please return to mother’ along with her telephone number but the idea hasn’t gone down very well. The problem is mother is very sensitive about her ability to remember things and even though I have assured her that we can all forget, she is still not convinced. But what she is convinced about is the fact that she cannot afford to keep on buying cushions. If the day ever comes when restaurants install height adjustable chairs then perhaps she won’t have to.



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