Mother. (Episode 12)

21 08 2016

Mother. (Episode 12).

There are six telephones in my mothers house. One fixed land line phone, four portable handsets and one mobile. The hands free portable handsets make sense since where ever mother is in the house she is always close enough to answer a call, and mother would hate to miss a call, not only because unbearable curiosity would mean she would have to call the caller back, but also because the cost of the call would then be added to her phone bill. Last week mother received a call from an unknown number. Having dashed to answer the phone she was hugely disappointed to discover that the caller was some one selling triple glazed windows, and she wasted no time in telling him so. His response was to beg her not to hang up and to ask her to please tell him how many windows she had. Unmoved she told him to ‘B****r off’ and disconnected the call. Then there was the time when she raced to answer the phone only to find no one at the other end of it. She dutifully called back the last number received only to find it engaged. After days of trying to get through without success I promised to help her. It turned out the number she had been calling was her own! But there have been happier outcomes like the time she accidentally selected the wrong number from her ‘contacts’ list and ended up speaking to someone she hadn’t spoken to in years.They were so delighted to hear from her that they invited mother to their daughters wedding. A bit taken aback about speaking to someone whose voice she didn’t immediately recognise mother couldn’t wait to hang up so that she could check up on who she’d been speaking to. It turned out to be an ex neighbour. And her mobile phone. Never charged, never taken with her and often mislaid in a draw. But as Mother says, ‘Its useful in an emergency’. I’m not sure what mother would do without all those phones in the house. She’d probably go mad. But then again she already has a bit.


Mother. (Episode 12).

Mother has 6 phones in the house.



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