Never ever.

16 08 2016

“May BThings I didn't know about my mother. (Part 24) had many dreams, none of which she ever realised. Maybe one day she would visit her sister in Australia, may be she would learn to speak French, and may be she would begin to loose a few pounds one day. Maybe. But may be she would never achieve any of her goals, a thought that troubled her mind on a daily basis – and as the years passed by she began to feel that all those teenage dreams, goals, and ambitions were never ever going to come to fruition. Never ever.
As she stood in front of the coffee counter debating whether she should maybe have a tall Latte, or maybe a cappuccino, the man standing next to her suggested she try a Chai latte. He ordered her one and she liked it. ‘Hi I’m “May Be”‘. He shook her hand. ‘Pleased to meet you. They call me “I Will”… but my real name is “Ian”.  She smiled. ‘ I was christened Maybeline, hence the nickname’.  They both laughed. Their attraction being instant they dated, began falling in love, and spending more and more time together.  A year down the line, at the same coffee bar where they had first met, ” I. Will” proposed to her. ‘Will you marry me. Will you be my wife’?

May B” gasped, hesitated, closed her eyes to think, opened them again and then, yes you guessed it, finally answered his question after what had seemed to him to be an eternity. ‘I will’.

Mr and Mrs “I. Will” have just got back from Australia and “Mrs I. Will” begins her French lessons next week. She’s lost a few pounds over the past few months and is now looking forward to fitting into a new designer dress bought for her by the sister she hadn’t seen in over 20 years.

As she gazed through the window of their new apartment, smiling whimsically, she realised that  her only real regret was that “I. Will” hadn’t come into her life much sooner.






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