Mother. (Episode 14).

14 08 2016

ElvisThings I didn't know about my mother. (Part 14) had clearly never left the building. In fact he seemed to be everywhere – in the lift, the dining room and even the pool. Uninfluenced by our surroundings mother and I got off to our usual drama filled start to the holidays with me having to find a handy man who could cut the lock from mothers suitcase. She couldn’t find the key. Once access had been gained to mothers prize floral tops we decided to explore the hotel. Not any hotel mind you but the Heartbreak Hotel no less – 24 hour footage of Elvis on the big screen in the breakfast room, blue suede shoes on sale in the gift shop and Graceland just across the highway. The hotel reception felt humid, stifling even, and all that seemed to be missing to complete the picture were people in straw hats sipping Mint Julep in rocking chairs on the veranda. But Beale street there was, and an old style cinema playing ‘Gone With The Wind’, behind which the mighty Mississippi rolled past the very soul of Memphis city. As tourists we didn’t disappoint, taking a boat trip, a bus tour, then ending the evening chomping on Gumbo. But the highlight of the day had to be the taxi ride back, our driver turning out to be an expert on the main man himself, little known anecdotes relayed to us with almost religious fervour. ‘… and there’s the hospital he stayed in… the top floor. He told his nurse to go down to a car dealers and pick herself a new car. A present from Elvis … so where you heading next? ‘ ‘Vegas’. “The both of you?” “Yes my mother and myself. We fancy our chances at the casino’,  my answer inexplicably ending the conversation until he’d edged the taxi back into more familiar territory and the road to “Heartbreak”, at which point he turned, winked at my mother whilst speaking to me. “Your mothers a real trooper you know”. Nodding I summoned up my best southern accent and drawled, ‘She sure is’.



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