Mother. (Episode 30).

13 08 2016

Sometimes Things I didn't know about my mother. (Part 22)I’ll receive short sharp emails from mother. For Example ‘The One Show, BBC1, 7 pm, Love Mum xx’. The problem is that by the time I’ve read the email the programme is usually long finished. But her intentions are good, guiding me towards what she thinks I will enjoy, and in return I try to do the same. ‘Olympics, swimming, 9pm, ITV one, love Son xxxx’. One of the things I have learnt over the years though is never to email or call mother while Coronation Street is on – any other programme fine, just not this one. She simply won’t answer the phone or reply to any messages. It could be urgent, but nothing is more urgent than catching up on what is going on in the street. No need for me to send her an email reminding her that it’s on. We have often had surreal conversations about it as mum talks about the story lines as if they were real events. Updates about the characters are usually by phone as the subject matter is far to important for an email. And with regards TV updates via email I remember one Christmas I received an email insisting that I watch a review about all the popular shows shown through out the years. ‘Don’t miss it’. I never received an answer as to why, so didn’t dare miss it just in case mother had been a member of the audience or there was something else relating directly to the family. (She is well known for being a member of the audience for some of her favourite shows). Anyway if I’m honest I found the programme quite boring and checked back with mother after it had finished to find out why she thought I shouldn’t miss it. It turned out she had recommended the wrong show. But what we both will miss are the emails back and forth about the Olympics when it is all over, as we did with the Paralympics when it was over a few years ago.  We have both been inspired by the determination of all the athletes, the joy, the tears – the living proof that if you want something bad enough and are willing to work hard enough for it you can achieve it, whoever you are. Influenced  by all the sport on TV I’m now walking into town instead of driving and mother is now heavily committed to mobility exercises. To  spur her on I’ve just sent mother an email informing her that a new pair of joggers is in the post. I’ve also included the  message. ‘It’s never too late to be what you might have been,’ to which she has replied, ‘Its never too early to be the best you can be today and everyday’. How nice. I’ll try. :0)




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