Things I didn’t know about my mother. (Part 21)

10 09 2012

According to mother her Sainsbury’s Nectar loyalty card looks very similar to the card she uses to collect her pension. In fact she’s even tried to use it for that purpose in the past. And likewise she has handed her pension card in to the girl at the Sainsbury’s check out in order to have her loyalty points credited to it. But unlike the post office the girl in Sainsbury’s always reminds mother to remove her bank card at the end of a transaction. If they’d done that in the post office mother wouldn’t have had to go without her pension for three weeks. Anyway mothers new pension card eventually arrived and off we went to collect mothers accumulated retirement contribution pot. I waited in the car and soon mother returned clutching a fistful of notes- a look of relief smoothed across her forehead. When we arrived back home, to celebrate we transported tea to a sunny spot in mothers luscious garden, dunked Rich Teas into the poppy decorated mugs, then leaned back into our candy striped sun chairs. Second’s later mother bolted upright and, acting out her best Victor Meldrew impersonation exclaimed “I don’t believe it… I’ve gone and left my pension card in the post office again!” We did hurry back to reclaim it before it fell into less than honest hands, but alas the post office had closed for lunch. Or so we thought. When we tried again later we discovered that they had closed for the rest of the day as well, leaving mother to worry about her lost pension card until late the next morning. But as a good friend of mine once said, ‘Never be in a hurry to get rid of the worries you know because they will only be replaced by worries you are not yet familiar with’.



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