Things I didn’t know about my mother. (Part 16)

16 08 2012

Communication or rather miscommunication seems to be a running theme between mother and myself and modern technology doesn’t seem to be helping much. In fact it just seems to be making things even more complicated. Only recently I received, to my surprise and delight, a Facebook notification from Mother. There was a picture of her with a message stating ‘A picture of me in Spain’. Delighted that mother was now on Facebook I sent an email message back thanking her for her Facebook message and to let her know that I had left a reply on her wall. Within minutes I received an email reply stating, ’Facebook message? I don’t even know how to use Facebook.’ I then sent a message back saying how concerned I was if mother hadn’t sent the message as it may mean that someone had hacked into her account and that the Facebook notification was possibly a hoax. Mother promptly sent a message back asking me why I would think the message was a hoax. Didn’t I recognise the photograph? After all it was me who had taken it when we went on holiday together last year. When I reminded her that it was her who had stated that she didn’t know how to use Facebook, I received the following reply. ‘Have just cottoned on to what you were saying about the message being a hoax because I said I didn’t know how to log on to Facebook. Believe it or not I got onto Facebook by trial and error, not sure how I did it though Ha ha’. And mother has been at it with the telephones again. She checked her phone messages yesterday and noticed that someone had rung her at 2am, and that the call was from a mobile number. She puzzled for ages about who could have called her so she rang her best friend thinking that she may have been ill during the night, but it wasn’t her. It then dawned on mother that it was herself who had called. She had woken up at 2am, realised that she hadn’t put her portable handset back in its holder, went looking for it, couldn’t find it, and then decided to ring her home number from her mobile phone. Help! I’ve just received another email from mother which reads as follows: ‘Just went down to make my Ovaltine, and had another fit of laughter thinking about all the things I’ve done in the past few days. I had to rest my head on the kitchen cabinet unit as I couldn’t stop. It comes to something when you have to do funny things to make yourself laugh, but at least I can laugh at myself’. Which only goes to prove that the truth really is more hilarious than fiction.




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