Things I didn’t know about my mother. (Part Nine).

29 07 2012

The garage isn’t a place I visit too often. It’s cold, damp and no matter how many times I empty it its always full of stuff again when I eventually do- usually at my mothers request. “While you’re here do you think you could tidy it up a bit?” I know I’m going to need a good supply of rubble sacks and plastic crates before I even start. There will be a large stash of discarded flower pots in the middle of the garage floor, piles of Pound Shop peat, enough plastic bags to service Sainsbury’s customers for a year, a massive quantity of bleach, plastic prescription medicine trays, and out of date flavoured water, Sanatogen, Lucozade and Coco Cola. Not to mention odd shoes (Odd shoes?), hand bags, rusted tools and paint tins. There’s never enough room in the boot of the Polo for everything, so a few of the rubble sacks end up staying behind. And by the time I get around to tidying up my mothers garage again there still won’t be enough room to transport everything to the recycling center. So I’ve decided that next time i will have to hire a van.



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