Things I didn’t know about … my mother.

17 07 2012

Things I didn’t know about … my mother.

My mother doesn’t like pigeons. I only found this out last week. All the childhood memories of us visiting Trafalgar square, buying a cup of seeds, and being invaded by pigeons trying to pluck the seeds from the cup before I could clutch any, all seem to have been a fraud. Why did she take so many photo’s? I’d decided to throw the remains of a strawberry pavlova on the lawn below the bird table and the hanging nuts. Within minutes the Pavlova had vanished, but not before my mother had spotted this misdemeanor from an upstairs bedroom window. I was politely advised that throwing food on the lawn attracted pigeons, which she didn’t want in her garden. ‘They are pests’. I didn’t think any more of it until Hastings. Sat outside a coffee shop beside the shopping center we had no sooner bitten into our toasted tea cakes when two rather fat pigeons began strutting beneath our feet. Out came my mother’s walking stick which she had conveniently beside her. She then preceded to stab at the pigeons with real intent as if determined to maim one of them. The expression on her face was quite frightening. I can only assume that the square black and white photo of me with a pigeon on my head was meant as a reminder of how much she hates them and not meant to be a memento of happier times.



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