Promises promises promises……

26 04 2012

A government which does not consider the consequences of its actions on its citizens is truly a soulless government. We do not just live in an economy; we also live in a society with real communities, real families and real people. Policies should never just be about paying back debts. And imposing additional household and water charges at a time when half the population have run out of money is not only heartless, but also demonstrates just how out of touch politicians are with ordinary people as well.

The coalition were elected by the citizens of this country. And the names of those politicians currently displaying abject recklessness and arrogance in relation to ordinary people’s lives will be remembered.

One thing we have learnt about elections is that promises made are very quickly broken once candidates and parties have been elected. Should there not be new laws in place to protect the electorate? Any u- turn on pre election promises made should automatically trigger a new election should they not?

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